Executive Board

Gerry Toner
Director of Culture, Parks & Recreation
Town of Simsbury

Vice President
Joshua T. Medeiros
Director of Parks & Recreation
Town of Canton

Kristine Vincent
Recreation Supervisor
Town of East Hartford

Brett Simmons
Director of Parks & Recreation
Town of Torrington

Board Members
Glenn Marston- Membership
Tom Cataldi
John Howe
Chris Kneale

Past President
Rich Calarco
Director of Parks & Recreation
Town of Hebron

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Welcome to The Connecticut Parks Association

Connecticut Parks Association Mission Statement: The Connecticut Parks Association, Inc., formerly known as the Connecticut Public Parks Administrators, was formed in 1958. Our purpose is to promote accession, development, maintenance, and preservation in the State and its communities; as well as to develop a network and fellowship among park professionals in the State. The organization is further regarded as a unit for actively promoting favorable legislation for parks and park development, both on the State and national level. Membership is open to professional executive and superintendent level managers of park systems and related fields; and other persons who exhibit high interest and contribution to the purpose of the Association.The Association is committed to providing quality educational sessions to its membership. Also, the Dennis Malone Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a student, or students, willing to pursue a career in the Park and Recreation field.